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Creating a YouTube channel

By far one of the scariest things I have ever done… But equally something I’ve set out to do every year for the past few years. So having finally plucked up the courage… My first upload went live… In the same week I also featured in collaboration on another YouTube channel, and two weeks later…

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A wheelie big decision

For over a year I’ve been using mobility aid, sometimes just on outings other times indefinitely. I’ve learned that accepting help from mobility aid, is the best way I can remain independent … even on my worst days. I stopped driving back in February, and it’s the longest I’ve not been behind a wheel in…

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Saying goodbye to Meds (again)

Those who follow me will know I had to make a very difficult decision back in February this year. A decision that pressed a massive pause button on my life / plans; and that was to start taking a prescribed medication called Duloxetine. In February I was struggling to cope with a Fibromyalgia flare, a…

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